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Reasons to choose us

We are fully focusing on hydraulic excavator R&D, manufacturing and sale

We are focusing on this industry

  • Guangdong Yugong Machinery Co. Ltd
  • A professional hydraulic excavator manufacturer
  • ”YG” brand with independent intellectual property rights
  • Direct competitive factory price for end customer,cutting off intermediate costs

Company production scale

  • Top-grade production line
  • Sheet metal process center,final assembly center, electrical assembly center, testing center, paint center
  • Main businesses include excavator and related heavy equipment manufacturing, sale, service and parts supply

Configuration and optional function accessories

  • Rubber crawler belt, steel crawler belt, original Japan Yanmar engine, imported hydraulic system, enclosed cab, and air-conditioner etc, are optional.
  • Breaking hammer,spiral auger,log grapple and ditching devices are available for selecting. Tailoring various functional accessory devices to the needs of users,a true multinational compact excavator.
  • Partnership with certain related domestic and overseas reputable manufacturers

Perfect after-sales service system

  • Professional after-sales technician teams all over the nation
  • Solve customer problem in time
  • Online telephone technical support specialist 24 hours a day standby
  • Free technical operator training and awarding related qualification certificates

Excellent customer cases

Customer Satisfaction is our constant driving force

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Guangdong Yugong Machinery Co. Ltd

Guangdong Yugong Machinery Co.Ltd is a professional hydraulic excavator manufacturer with independent intellectual property rights registered as“YG”brand. Yugong Machinery has more than 150 employees, 45% of the technical staff are of college degree or above. Our factory covers an area about 20000 square meters. Yugong Machinery is equipped with top-grade production lines with Sheet metal process center, final assembly center, electronic assembly center, testing center, paint center.

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Top-grade production line,Main businesses include excavator
and related heavy equipment manufacturing, sale, service and parts supply

MORE >> Technical support

How mare kinds of hydraulic oil there are?
Answer:Use 32# or 46#(low viscosity) in winter, 68# or 100# (high viscosity) in summer and the hydraulic shall be friction resistant....
Which parts are easy to loose?
Answer:Bolts in rotary bearing reducer and engine are easy to loose, which are need to be tightened with thread sealant...
Things should be noted after stoppage?
Answer:Keep the engine running at low RPM for 5 to 10 minutes before shutting off; keep the bucket and bucket rod vertical to the ground, activate pilot valve few times to release all the pressure in hydraulic system...
What is the rotary reducer interior structure?
Answer:Rotary motor, motor mount, shaft transmission, planetary gear carrier, drive gear shaft, driving gear, vertical shaft...
What is the speed reducer interior structure?
Answer:Travel motor, primary reducer, ring gear, planetary gear carrier, reducer mount, semi-axis, driving gear ring...
How to change gear oil in rotary reducer and travel
Answer:Drain out gear oil and fill diesel to run off ground without load for 5 minutes. Then drain out all the diesel and replenish gear oil. The gear oil should be double drive 18#. 3.5 liters for each 120-9 travel reducer gear; 3.5 liters for rotary motor ...
Hydraulic cylinder oil leakage?
Answer:It is forbidden to terminate hydraulic cylinder, otherwise, guide sleeve will get damaged and hydraulic cylinder and seal ring will loose even fall. Measure of change seal ring should be taken. Change the hydraulic oil if the impurities inside the hyd...
How to maintain excavator main pump?
Answer:The hydraulic oil should be clean and match up with different season requirements; ensure the oil hose is free of obstacle and air; clean net and change strainer regularly; ensure hydraulic oil is free of water; change hydraulic oil on season basis; r...

Guangdong Yugong Machinery Co. Ltd

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Fax : +86 769-83525777                             Email : ygjx@gdygjx.cn
Address : Yugong industrial zone, No.12 Kunming Road, Liaobu town, Dongguan city, Guangdong province, China.

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