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Over 24 hours of small excavator industry technical guidance service hotline: 400-826-6133

Many users will not worry about buying directly from the manufacturers customer service guarantee; our products are in the warranty period for free replacement of faulty parts assembly, that is to say in the warranty period for the bad things that, as long as the change is not repair. Again, the failure rate of the new machine in 2-3 years is very low, it is afraid that there will be, in general, a small problem.
What is the problem in case contact us customer service telephone technical instructors can determine the parts of a problem, we will be the first time the change of the parts shipped to you (express 2-3 days to receive), you removed the parts and then send it back to us on it. In case of any major problems, we will arrange for the technical personnel to repair the door as soon as possible.
There are a lot of users say we are no local customer service network maintenance is not convenient; if we have dealers in your local words (that is, then we have customer service outlets) manufacturers do not direct sales to you, otherwise it will create a conflict of interest with the dealer, if you buy at the local words are not the manufacturers selling price. Dealers to personnel, rent, home service and other operating costs added to the price of natural high. This is not your own out of money, we are direct manufacturers is to put these links directly to you with.
We calculate this account is very clear; a small Yu YG22-9 digging machine in our factory direct selling price is 98 thousand yuan, 120 thousand yuan to buy, here in the province directly dealer hands down 22 thousand yuan, 22 thousand yuan, if you change the accessories. Then calculate costs; we are free to provide accessories, you are an artificial or automatic hand transfer fee, maintenance fee of about 500 yuan to master the average machine / time, then 22 thousand yuan can come 44 times, if the average 3 months maintenance again, 44 times 22 thousand yuan service fee is 11 years. Your local dealer is also one year warranty, accessories are also provided by the manufacturer for free. In other words, more than 22 thousand yuan has only been a year of home service only, after the warranty period of home service is to the other charges.
A new small excavator warranty is one year, but in 3 years not to believe what the basic maintenance equipment factory is through the Bureau of quality supervision supervision.
The core component of an excavator is the hydraulic system, our products are walking, multi valve, rotating these are imported, it can be said that 5 years basically will not be a problem. We are using the gear pump gear pump, understand the people know that the gear pump technology in China is already very mature, can be said to be a failure rate of 0.01%, this please rest assured, if there are quality problems or that do not repair, direct the replacement of gear pump. We also have a very rich configuration can be used for your choice, such as; steel track, pilot operation, closed cab, air conditioning, hammer, imported Yanmar engine and so on, can also be customized according to your personal needs.

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